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Welcome to the Breezy HR Resources portal. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Breezy as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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Activate Your Position

Creating and publishing a position is dead simple with Breezy.

Watch this short video introduction or read through the step-by-step guide below to creating and publishing your first position.

Drafting a Position

To begin compiling your first job post, click the Add Position button near the top of the positions page. This box will open:

Below, we'll walk you through each of the listed tabs. If you need to exit the post before publishing, simply click anywhere outside the box after completing the Position Details portion and clicking save and continue at the bottom of the box. All changes after that are automatically saved and your job will appear in the Draft section.

When you do, your position can be featured on your public Breezy career portal and also distributed out to the many free and premium job boards we're integrated with.

If you're more interested in just sourcing candidates rather than receiving them from 3rd party job boards or by them applying on your career portal, no problem. It's quick and easy to opt out of posting your job either place. You can add candidates manually, email in resumes/CVs in bulk or use our super amazing Chrome Extension to import directly from sites like LinkedIn or AngelList.

You can also Clone an existing position by clicking the dropdown on the position and selecting the Clone option.

Your Position Details

As the name implies, here you define all the details of your position.

The Category field is the only option that will not be visible to the Candidate on your career portal; we use it to make better recommendations of which 3rd party job boards you may want to publish on.

Speaking of job boards, if you want yours visible in all the right places, be sure to include a valid location. Most job boards require that so they can display your position to the appropriate candidates.

Using the rich-text editor for the job description provides a number of different formatting options. You can create headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and even embed images.

The next steps are optional and if you're all set you can just click the "Publish" button in the top right. Still, it's a good idea to read on as there are a few items you should know, especially if this is your first time!

Application Form

Here you can optionally specify and customize the information you want to collect from candidates who are applying to the position.

Near the bottom you'll see a section called Questionnaires. Questionnaires are lists of custom questions you'd like Candidates to fill out. There are a bunch of different question answer types you can choose from including multiple choice and even video response!

You can optionally choose a Questionnaire to extend your application form with your own questions.

Learn more about Questionnaires


The Promote tab is where you specify how and where you'd like your position to appear.

From there you can disable being featured on your Career Portal and also prevent Breezy from sending your position to free 3rd party job boards.

Here near the bottom you'll also find your positions email address. If shared, you can accept applications from candidates via email. The email address supports applications with or without attached resumes.

Hiring Team

Lastly we have the Hiring Team. Here you specify who you'd like to be part of the hiring process for this position.

There are two types of hiring team members, Hiring Managers and Hiring Members.

  • Hiring Managers are those who have the ability to manage candidates. They can add new ones, move candidates between stages, communicate with them and also schedule them for interviews.

  • Hiring Members are those who you'd like feedback from. They'll be notified when new candidates arrive and they can post notes and share their feedback via Scorecards.

Use the Gear icon on the right to toggle between the two.


That's it, you're ready to Publish!

When you publish your position it will then appear on your Career Portal and be distributed out to 3rd party job boards (unless you've disabled them).

What's Next

Learn how to invite your team members and get them involved in the hiring process.

Managing your Hiring Teams

Activate Your Position