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Managing your Hiring Teams

Breezy doesn't restrict how many users you can add to your company account because we believe great​ team communication is key to making a great hire.

We've made easy to include the right people at the right time, including any 3rd party recruiters you're working with.

To learn more take a look at this or review the information below:

Team members can be added to Breezy in a variety of ways. Before adding anyone though, it's important to understand the different types of accounts and positions a person can hold.

Account Types

There are a two different types of accounts at Breezy, Company Admins and Members:

  • Company Admins are able to create and publish positions. They also see all available positions and have the ability to make changes to positions, including changes to the Hiring Teams of individual positions.
  • Members have the ability to create positions but cannot publish them. The list of positions they see are those they're on the Hiring Team for.

Company Admins can add and manage company users by clicking the Manage Members option from the top right menu.

Hiring Teams

Each job posting has a unique Hiring Team assign to it. These individuals will be involved in the hiring process for this position in some way, whether it be interviewing or making the final offer.

You can make changes to this team from the Hiring Team tab when editing your position.

There are two types of Hiring Team roles, Hiring Member and Hiring Manager:

  • Hiring Managers are those who have the ability to manage candidates. They can add new ones, move candidates between stages, communicate with them and also schedule them for interviews.

  • Hiring Members are those who you'd like feedback from. They'll be notified when new candidates arrive and they can post notes and share their feedback via Scorecards.

Use the Gear icon on the right to toggle between the two.

External Recruiters

Breezy also has support for external recruiters. External recruiters are individuals who you'd like to be able to submit candidates to positions but not necessarily have access to Breezy itself.

You can manage external recruiters from the Hiring Team tab while editing a position.

When you add an external recruiter Breezy will send them an email that contains a unique email address that's specific to them and the particular position. When they send resumes to that email address candidates will automatically be created and attribution will be given to them on the individual candidates.

Resumes can be emailed in individually or in bulk.

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